Be Thoughtful

By Roqayah Ajaj

Anwar is a college student on his way to his afternoon class. He gets off the bus and starts navigating his way toward his campus. On his way, he has to cross many streets and looks frequently at the map to avoid getting lost. Although he does not look confident in trying to locate his building, no one interrupts him or stops to question if he knows where he is going. No one offers any help until he approaches someone.

What if Anwar were blind?

People wouldn’t have waited until he asked for help, but instead they would come and push him around with the assumption that they are being helpful! This is a daily challenge that those with visual impairments around the globe have always faced and wish to educate people about. Most of the time, students who are blind are confident and know where they are going and how to ask for help when they need it. Unfortunately, the majority of people still feel sympathy toward those with visual impairments and do not recognize their independence.

The rule is very simple, to make your help appreciated, just ask the person before you touch them. If they need something, they will let you know. Otherwise, they will thank you for your offer. Respect their wishes.

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