A Snowy Social Adventure Filled with Warmth

By Roqayah Ajaj In this post, I am going to share with you one of my first real social outings since the pandemic started. I have not been out much since March of 2020, as I spend most of my time writing and working on my dissertation. I only go outside for urgent things, meaningContinue reading “A Snowy Social Adventure Filled with Warmth”

Let’s Take a Trip: Blind Experiences with Air Travel

By Roqayah Ajaj During this time of year, before COVID-19, many people would be preparing for vacations, trips to visit family, etc. Air travel during the winter holidays is stressful for everyone, but blindness adds another layer of complexity to my travel experience. Even though there are policies that require assisting travelers with disabilities, theseContinue reading “Let’s Take a Trip: Blind Experiences with Air Travel”

Video: Guiding a Person Who is Blind During Coronavirus

By Roqayah Ajaj People who are blind have been impacted in different ways by Covid-19. It is challenging to follow social distancing without sight, and this is made even harder when we have to avoid physical contact. In this video, you can take a walk with my assistant and me as we explore a parkContinue reading “Video: Guiding a Person Who is Blind During Coronavirus”