Friendship and Blindness: Socializing across Different Abilities

By Roqayah Ajaj Do you enjoy going out and exploring new places with your friends? I do. Since coming to the United States for graduate school, I have a pretty small social circle, but I still make an effort to reach out and schedule times to go out and socialize. I’d like to share someContinue reading “Friendship and Blindness: Socializing across Different Abilities”

Let’s Take a Trip: Blind Experiences with Air Travel

By Roqayah Ajaj During this time of year, before COVID-19, many people would be preparing for vacations, trips to visit family, etc. Air travel during the winter holidays is stressful for everyone, but blindness adds another layer of complexity to my travel experience. Even though there are policies that require assisting travelers with disabilities, theseContinue reading “Let’s Take a Trip: Blind Experiences with Air Travel”